Apbedīšanas pakalpojumi

Apbedīšanas pakalpojumi

We propose ritual services – for any categories of citizens

Before the funeral (cremation)

  • Service of hearse for transportation body in a morgue
  • Services of the morgue
  • Services of workers for transportation body in a morgue, saving of body in a morgue
  • Services of bathing the body in a morgue
  • Services by laying down a body in a coffin
  • Services in the make-up of the deceased
  • Services in shaving
  • Services in dressing
  • Services of embalming of the deceased
  • arriving of the qualified agent to the customer for the order
  • arriving of agent outside the city of Riga
  • help in organization of transportation of the deceased from home in a morgue
  • complex documents’s registration
    (registration of the medical testifying of the death, registration of certificate of the death on officially stamped paper, registration for the grave’s digging on any cemetery in Riga (at the place available or under special permission from Riga’s Municipal department)
  • offer of the funeral belongings and the accessories (great choice)
  • decoration by fresh flowers the lid of coffin
  • great choice of wreathes, coffins, crosses, tablets, coverlets and…
  • funeral ribbons by the order (great choice)
  • providing with transport of any category (cadillac, bus, minibus)
  • carrying out the embalming of body
  • zincs coffins
  • dispatch abroad with processing of documents
  • urgent execution of order

Funeral (cremation)

  • help in organization of burial (cremation)
  • carrying out the ceremony of civil funeral or church rites
  • accompaniment of agent during funeral (cremation)
  • services in a burial place (cremation) in theabsence of a customer
  • organization of civil funeral rites procedure
  • organization of Orthodox, Lutheran funeral rites inchurch (on cemetery)
  • musical accompaniment on funeral
  • services of workers (loaders) in uniform on funeral (cremation)
  • first-aid during funeral (cremation)
  • accompaniment of doctor during funeral(cremation)
  • providing with towels for carrying out the buria
  • photo on funeral (cremation)
  • allocation of the guard of honour during funeral
  • meeting of body in Riga
  • transportation of the deceased in other cities and states
  • zincs soldering, unsoldering
  • zincs coffins

After burial

  • Providing with banquet’s halls up to 100 persons capacity in Riga
  • urgent consultation, solving any complicatedcases
  • Help in the receipt of urgent and common visas at departure abroad.

Help in urgent order with delivery to the place wreathes, flowers, bouquets and ribbons with inscription (salon, exclusive version).

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